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About Ashley

Welcome to my website! I’m glad you found me! Long story short, I’m a yoga teacher [with a sprinkle of graphic designer] located in the Fargo, ND area. If you are around, I’d love if you came and took a class. Click on the Learn More link below to find out more on my teaching style and where I was trained. Learn More

Read some blog!

I currently don’t post a ton of stuff on my blog but I hope that changes soon. I’m a big fan of YouTube and Instagram so make sure to go and check me out there as well. If you’d like to see my blog, or have suggestions on what you’d like me to share, just let me know via any means of contact.Go to Blog

Ashley Jonas Trivia

  • I was a high jumper through college
  • My first yoga experience was P90X
  • I have a twin sister
  • My dog’s name is Cobra
  • My cats are Shark and Panda
  • My favorite animal is a Giant Panda
  • No relation to the Jonas Brothers